Protect your plants from the cold weather

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Whitfill Nursery's Matthew Blake, left, and Art Gastelum cover cold-sensitive plants with a frost cloth late in the afternoon, on Wednesday, January 9, 2013. The frost cloths can be kept on for several days without removing them. Charlie Leight/The Arizona Republic

Protect your plants from cold weather in the West Valley Despite Arizona’s beautiful weather conditions during the winter we still can reach freezing temperatures. While many frost-sensitive plants can tolerate freezing temperatures for brief periods, nights that dip into the low 30’s or below for several hours can be deadly for even the hardiest of plants. This causes much damage … Read More

Slot Machines Coming to The West Valley

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West Valley casino welcomes first slots; sets Dec. 20 opening  December 20th is when the gaming venue will open its doors, launching the Valley’s first ever casino on the west side, in a move municipal officials see ushering in a new era of growth. The scheduled opening five days prior to Christmas will be the first of a three-phase completion of what eventually will … Read More